Understanding Banks: The Workshop

Photo by Ewan from New Era Digital Partners

Understanding Banks: 

The Workshop for Sales & Marketing teams

How do you get in the room with target bank executives?

This is an exceptionally difficult task in today's world when we're conditioned to avoid answering unknown calls and where the daily avalanche of inbound sales "spam" is easily ignored.    

The normal marketing and sales development tools aren't built for today's world. 

It's incredibly difficult to build relationships with senior bank executives when they don't respond to the standard outreach techniques refined across decades. 

The engagement methodology is entirely different today, especially after Covid.

I specialise in helping Financial Technology ("FinTech") providers think through the process of engaging with their target bank customers in the most effective manner possible. 

Through a series of executive briefings and workshops with your sales and marketing teams, I equip your team with the tools, techniques and methodologies to get in the room with your target bank executives. 

It's not rocket science. It is, however, completely different to what you are generally doing.

Please send me a note and let's discuss how I can help.