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C-Level Adviser

We routinely work with C-Level executives to provide advice on all aspects of digital transformation. In today's fast-paced environment, the most effective leaders know when to ask for perspective and insight to achieve the best outcomes. 

Some recent example topics we've worked on, together with the summary request from the executive that kicked off the work: 

Technology Counsel

In an ever-changing financial landscape, it's essential for senior bank executives to be well-versed in the latest technology trends and their potential impact on the industry. Our Technology Counsel Service goes beyond the superficial knowledge that traditional sources may provide, equipping you with the in-depth insights needed to stay ahead in this competitive market.

With our bi-monthly, one-hour briefing sessions led by independent technology consultants, you'll discover the true potential of emerging technologies and how they can transform your banking institution. Through focused discussions and live demonstrations, our experts will help you uncover hidden opportunities and identify potential threats, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and solidify your organization's competitive edge.

Change Delivery

Large or small, we're accustomed to supervising and delivering complex, multi-party projects and programmes. Sometimes it's a specific requirement for a few months ("help us get this thing over the line"), other times it's an 18-month engagement with direct P&L responsibility. No matter. We're thoroughly experienced in making the pieces fit and delivering value at every stage. What's more, our experience is derived from delivery in some of the most demanding regulated environments with tens of millions of customers. We're with you every step of the way.

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Expat Cultural Briefing

Accelerate your understanding of how to work in the Gulf - a critical briefing for any Western expat and people leader. Find out more here. 

The Digital Board

We provide comprehensive digital technology and transformation-related board education services, typically focusing on how to successfully manage and track internal change programmes, along with important questions to ask management. In addition, we also provide a variety of innovation and disruption awareness training, designed to constructively challenge board members to think in different ways.

Corporate Venture for Banking

We've established corporate venture capital capabilities for a number of institutions, most notably Nordea Ventures, the largest financial player in the Nordics. We provide an array of support services related to Corporate Venture Capital, including: 

Executive Partner

Aimed at senior executives working in GCC banks, our Executive Partner service offers one-to-one pairing with an independent senior digital transformation expert. 

The service is delivered through regular mentoring sessions, helping the executive to assess progress, and receive feedback and guidance as necessary. 

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Market Entry 

Predominantly targeting FinTech and related firms aiming to enter the Middle Eastern (and GCC) region for the first time, this service assigns an experienced executive to help support your launch. 

Learning the customs and habits of a new culture can be challenging: We help accelerate the acclimatisation process dramatically by ensuring new entrants hit the ground running and avoid costly mistakes. 

Or are you thinking about relocating to the Middle East personally? Read more about our Relocation Advice service