Our founder Ewan is a regular advisor in the Financial Services and FinTech ecosystem. He specialises in working with CEOs and leadership teams to offer perspectives, insights and advice on a retained basis. 

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Back in 2016, we established and operated the corporate venture capital ("CVC") fund for one of the largest financial service players in Northern Europe. Since then, we've developed a proven, successful playbook for banks to follow, together with several compelling service offerings, including: 

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We are strong believers in the use of Advisory Boards, especially in the FinTech marketplace. They offer compelling benefits for startups, scale-ups and established companies -- and we also think they're not used enough! 

We have long experience helping to establish Advisory Boards. It's a relatively straightforward process, but there are lots of aspects to consider. We've got the process down to a fine art! 

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The Workshop for FinTech Sales & Marketing Teams

We explore these questions and more in our Understanding Banks workshop aimed at the Sales & Marketing teams of FinTechs selling into the financial services marketplace. Find out more. 

Technology Counsel

In today's fast-moving technology landscape, it's essential for senior bank executives to be fully briefed on the latest technology trends and their potential impact on our industry. 

You can't delegate your own understanding. 

Especially when it comes to emerging technologies such as AI, you need to see it, experience it, test it, to truly appreciate the power, potential and shortcomings. 

That's why we offer a regular Technology Counsel service, only for senior bank executives. We price this in the same way we do with our Advisor services at $2,000 per month. 

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FinTech Due Diligence

We offer due diligence services for investors (VCs, Strategic Investors, Private Equity) who are evaluating an investment in FinTech companies. 

Our founder Ewan has an extensive background working in the Financial Services marketplace, especially investing in, partnering with and developing FinTechs. This experience will give your existing Due Diligence team the edge you need to make the most informed decisions.

We don't replace your existing team - we work alongside them to reach the best outcomes. 

We work on a daily rate of $2,000, however in many cases it may be more effective to agree a per project fee. Please contact us to discuss how we can help