Advisory Board Creation

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Download our "Creating An Advisory Board" PDF from our recent LinkedIn series. 

Advisory Board Creation

We are specialists helping to create (or reinvigorate) your Advisory Board

We provide the following services: 

Advisory Board Creation

We can help you create your Advisory Board, including the development of everything from a basic Terms of Reference to a sample role guide. 

There's quite a lot to think about to get the right outcomes, so we'll work with you across a fixed period -- typically a month -- to get the basics set up. We can help you prepare all of the assets and materials. 

We can also help you find and evaluate potential Advisors. Plus, we'll be there to support you for the first few Advisory Board meetings too. We generally work on a fixed fee basis for this kind of project - we also provide a monthly and quarterly support option to help with ongoing questions. 

We recommend around 2.5 months to create your Advisory Board, but this timeline can be accelerated to 1 month.  For more information and to discuss this service, please contact us

Reinvigorating Your Advisory Board 

Are things not working that well? Let's discuss. We will review your existing approach and provide a series of recommendations on how best to deliver the outcomes you would like. 

We would typically deliver this on a day-rate or fixed-fee project. 

Advice & Consultancy

Some clients aren't quite ready to begin with an Advisory Board -- or they've got specific questions about how to best benefit from them. Can we help? We are specialists in setting up Advisory Boards on behalf of the CEO. Although it's quite a straightforward methodology to establish, there are quite a lot of aspects to consider (e.g. composition, compensation, role descriptions, terms of reference). If you've got questions or need a bit of advice or assistance, just drop us a note

We typically engage on a per-day or per-hour basis for advice.