Conversational AI Analyst Support

Conversational AI 

I've been working with Conversational AI in Financial Services since 2015. I was fortunate enough to work with a bank that was one of the early leaders in deploying this technology effectively and efficiently. 

If you're examining the category for your institution, please reach out for a chat. I can offer plenty of real-world advice, as well as benchmarks and a maturity framework that I've developed. 

Benchmark Your Offering

How are you using Conversational AI right now? Engage me to help benchmark your services against your competitors nationally and internationally. 

Conversational AI Maturity Framework

I've created a maturity framework that I use with clients to help them understand their current position and outline future steps to increase the maturity of the offering. 

Let's discuss how I can help?

Contact Me

My full contact details are here. Email me at or connect with me directly on LinkedIn and let's have a chat.