Bryan Carroll joins New Era Digital 

Dubai, 1st August 2023 -- (Ewan MacLeod writes on LinkedIn

I'm delighted to announce that Bryan Carroll is joining me here at New Era Digital Partners to supercharge our service offering to banks, financial services and FinTechs in the GCC region and beyond.

🏦 Bryan most recently established neo-bank TNEX in Vietnam. Google it, if you haven’t come across it: You’ll see just how successful it has been. Many of you will know Bryan by reputation alone. He arrived in Vietnam with just his suitcase and left having launched and driven arguably the best unit economics of any neo-bank worldwide.

What are our plans? Well, let me explain:

✈ For the last 7 months, I have been on a journey across the GCC to meet executives and experts from the financial industry to understand their objectives and needs. Three themes emerged from every conversation:

1️⃣ Help us explore, define, and deliver the future business model of banking. Help us choose where and how to play, identify quick wins, and set the strategic direction for our existing franchises.

2️⃣ Help us implement new digital and neo-banking services reliably and quickly. We can no longer afford multi-year lead times for critical digital implementations.

3️⃣ Help us understand how to re-skill and re-tool our employees for the new era of digital banking. It’s not just about a few training courses, we need to radically shift our internal resource model, skills and capabilities.

While there are already some standout players emerging in GCC digital banking, there is a significant amount of work to be done to deliver basic “digital hygiene” services.

Many banks are evaluating launching new digital offerings and enhancements of existing services. Unfortunately, mistakes are being made daily. The wrong platform, the wrong strategy, the wrong approach: These are costly mistakes that are easily avoidable. By combining our experiences and networks, Bryan and I aim to help our clients swiftly achieve their digital transformation strategies.

Together we have one of the deepest talent pools available in the region and to this end, further additions to our team will be announced in due course.

To ensure quality and to honour our founding ethos as a boutique advisory firm focused on achieving the highest quality digital banking results for clients, we have purposefully defined an operating model to work with a maximum of 3 banking clients at one time.

If you’d like to discuss how we might help with your digital, innovation and neo-banking strategies, please reach out to me or Bryan.