Our Logo

How did we design our logo?

Showing the power of the new era of technology, we designed our logo using an AI bot from the team at Midjourney

Here's the original prompt we used to kick things off

/imagine geometric vector graphic logo of minimal shape blue white background by Ivan Chermayeff 

Midjourney gave us four options

We did really like these, but we reset things again and asked Midjourney to try once more...

And now we got on to circles so we kept on iterating

We think the top right ("number 2") was the genesis for our final logo. Go again, we told the AI. 

And now we got on to circles so we kept on iterating

Now you can clearly see on the top left - that one caught our attention. Show us some more detail we said.

Right, we like this

So now the AI is giving us some variations on the previous design... show us some more?

Ah, no, wait

Go back, go back, we said... 

Ok, stay there, upscale that

We said to the AI that we liked this... but scale it up into a high quality image please, we asked.

Here's the 8th (and final) version

And here we go. Thank you Midjourney AI! 

Then we added our typefaces and ... there you have it. 

The rough elapsed time? About 10 minutes.

Here are some of the other images we played with originally!


If you're curious about this - maybe we should be talking. This is an example of the type of things we show and discuss with our senior executives when we're performing our Technology Counsel services with them.